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Transcending Time & Space – Drug-Free & Alive

Reading Michael Pollin’s New Yorker article about cancer patients’ transcendent experiences when given psilocybin during study trials at N.Y.U. and Johns Hopkins. I’ve been following these and other studies for years. Now I’m looking at how to create the atmosphere to invoke possibilities for these transcendent kinds of visions but without drugs.  (Similar transcendent states are Read More

Resist – Don’t Shoot the Empath

Just because people or forces want to divide and conquer doesn’t mean you have to be divided and conquered. Edgar Cayce (the most documented psychic in history) predicted these current energy crises but he said we could change them by being more loving and “Godlike.” Generosity, care for the land, those qualities of kindness and goodness Read More

Are You Psychic? Do You Want to Be?

Are you in touch with your psychic abilities? Or are you awed at how someone else can do it? Maybe you’ve had some psychic experiences but you want to understand it better or increase your skills? Some renowned intuitives have expressed their views on how you can attain this. For Edgar Cayce, the most documented Read More

The Bob Dylan I Knew & The Nobel Prize

I used to work for Bob Dylan’s ex-wife when the children were still growing and the dog was my best friend. I don’t know his current situation but it reminds me of days when I’d find his delightful son Jakob in the TV room at noon and my question was “Are you sick? Or sick Read More

What Does It Take to Be Psychic?

I’ve always thought it took courage to stay with your truth when people say you’re crazy, and most people in the psychic field have been called crazy. You’re just imagining things…until someone else can see it. Renowned medical intuitive, Caroline Myss, says intuition starts with self-esteem. Without that magic ingredient, you will not be able to Read More

Taking First Steps: Are You Ready to Up the Ante?

Taking First Steps: Are You Ready to Up the Ante? Are you taking any first steps right now? This weekend I attended the AWP (Associated Writing Programs) yearly event. This was not only my first time there, but first time back into the bigger world since my fall. Held in a different state every year, the 2016 conference landed at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Non-stop Read More

This Is Where Your Longing Leads You

I’ve been reading Phil Cousineau’s brilliant book The Art of Pilgrimage. I do so in preparation for my trip to Transylvania, but also as a way to live a more fulfilling and conscious life. My Take-Aways:  In each of us is a pilgrim who longs for the sacred. That may draw us across continents, or like poet Read More

One Word Has the Power to Alter Your Results

New Studies Show One Word has the Power to Alter An Outcome Words can be used to activate change. This is a key theory behind my prosperity meditations. “Mind is the builder,” said Edgar Cayce, the most documented psychic in history. “Thoughts are things.” Now, in his own fascinating book, The Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, Wharton professor Read More

Like this Happy Elephant

Update: Wheelchair Chronicles: The professional side of my world is filled with readings, writing articles, signing books, and now preparing to be interviewed again for JJ Flizanes’ radio show. (Here’s a link for the last show we did: Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities. It was edited because we went over. Tried to get a lot Read More

Wheelchair Chronicles :: First Venture Out Alone

Yes, those are my swollen toes photobombing the sea. This was my first venture out alone in the wheelchair, up and down hills, cracked sidewalk, scary at times but I made it. Three days ago, I said goodbye to this red fiberglass cast. I was hoping like anything for the plaster walking cast. Instead, I Read More

Anxiety & Your Highly Sensitive Soul

Ever been hit with a bout of anxiety but couldn’t trace the root? When it happens to me, I also look for the route; that is, did I just pick up on someone else’s emotions and take them on as my own? We know that highly sensitive people do this all the time. Some psychic Read More

i thank You God for most this amazing

i thank You God for most this amazingday: for the leaping greenly spirits of treesand a blue true dream of sky; and for everythingwhich is natural which is infinite which is yes (i who have died am alive again today, and this is the sun’s birthday; this is the birth day of life and of Read More

A Strange Goodbye

Breath and bones, a tangle of sharp words, but you were really essence of water. You, rising up with the sun, filled with light. I couldn’t see you that way when you were alive. Was it always in you waiting to be revealed? I didn’t know you were the sea. I thought you were a Read More

Creating From Nothing

Creating from nothing…blank space…There’s never nothing. There’s always something…a kind of protoplasmic substance in which we live. We mutually respond to each other. That’s why affirmations work when you work them. You’re filling the field with bright substance, like putting a goblet out for water instead of letting it slip through desperate hands.   If Read More

The Dark Has A Light of Its Own – 6 Steps to Find It

1. Admit When You’re In It You don’t have to announce it to everyone else, but admit to yourself. “I’m lost” doesn’t sound like much of an affirmation? Affirmations are a powerful part of the process. But they don’t supplant authenticity; they ultimately compliment and support it. (More on that soon.) 2. The Old Way Read More