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Frequently Asked Questions About Psychic Readings

Who needs a psychic reading?

I’d suggest a reading for anyone with a heart who has questions and concerns about their life and would benefit from greater clarity and connection.

What does a reading look like?

Generally, I will ask you questions and while I’m asking I’m listening to the sound of your voice (and reading clairaudiently from that) answering the questions in my own mind, and searching for what information will make the most difference for you. I look to see what is the best use of our time together so that when you leave the reading you will have something you didn’t have when you came in.

I look at where the client’s “blind spot” is, i.e., what do you need to know that you didn’t know you didn’t know. What are you not seeing in your life? We all have blind spots, even psychics. The exploration of this allows us to learn and grow and function at a greater level of awareness.

What kinds of questions do you ask?

First I’ll have you say your birth name three times with your eyes open.

If you are seeing me in person, I’ll place my hands above your palms as I listen to you recite your name and I will read the energy. I can read the energy just as well when we’re doing a phone reading since there’s no added distraction of a physical presence but I use whatever tools appear best to me in a situation.

My commitment is to you realizing your dreams and also realizing how big you might dream so that the life you lead is one you love.

Often I’ll ask your birthday and do your numerology through that date. This tells me something about your life purpose.

If there are other people about whom you’re concerned, I’ll probably have you say their names, or even just think of them and compare their energy with yours. Sometimes I’ll ask you to give me a few sentences someone has said and will tell you what that person is thinking.

I can prepare people for meetings and discussions by hearing the names of those you plan to see and telling you about each person, their agenda, background or whatever seems relevant.

Every person you ask about has the right to refuse to be read and known psychically. We should respect that but we can also look at them through other ways, such as something they’ve said, or with Tarot cards, for example.

Our goal here is always for the highest good and I must admit I am a strong advocate for my clients. If I see a connection in the world that would be good for you, I’m likely to suggest it or help facilitate it.

How you know when someone I ask you about doesn’t give permission to be read?

We won’t be able to get into them. It will feel like a closed door.

Does that happen a lot?

Not really, but sometimes. I do take other routes to find the information you’re seeking but the better way is to go with the information we’re given and trust the process. Sometimes the information doesn’t make sense or seem totally relevant in the present and I will receive a call later telling me how the information proved itself.

What’s spiritual about your readings?

I always pray to be of service. I ask that “God” speak through me and give the client the information that’s most needed and for their highest good. You can substitute words such as “higher power,” “spirit,” or universe for “God.” We also use a lens of spirituality for looking at your life, your lessons and to consider what might be added in order to shift an experience that’s not working for you.

I look at the bigger picture as well as the one the client may have his or her nose pressed up against. Most of us want what we want when we want it—I know I do—but it becomes important to understand the process we’re in and make the best decisions with regard to where we want to go and how our actions effect others.

Why use Tarot cards or numerology in readings? Can’t you just do it on your own?

Absolutely. However, since we’re working with a limited amount of time, it’s often prudent to use the tools of the trade, so to speak. They are simply stimulus to the psychic mind. There is no definitive way to read cards and often a psychic will come up with a reading that couldn’t be rationally explained by the cards pulled.

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