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Psychic Sunday – January 28, 2018


Do You Have Unanswered Questions? 

What If You Could Get Your Questions Answered? 

Take a moment to consider: What do you want to know? What do you need to know?
(If you subscribe to my psychic newsletter, you received a slightly different version of this the other day. I switched it up so this can still be new for you.)

How can trust what you know? What you’re told and by whom?

I’ve been praying about how I could be of service to my community and the idea for Psychic Sunday appeared.

What Is Psychic Sunday?

Psychic Sunday is a place to bring your burning questions or even your slow simmering ones.

Right now, many people feel challenged to the depths of their souls. Maybe you feel unsettled, confused, or you simply seek enlightenment?
Where are you on that spectrum?

As I said, I’ve been asking “How Can I serve?

I awoke with this direction:

Offer a space where people can gather, speak about their issues, ask a psychic question and experience respect, healing, wisdom, awe, and information. Transformation.

Powerful gatherings feel especially necessary. This could continue to build, and provide you with support and inspiration.

Where two or more people are gathered for a higher purpose, enlightenment ensues.

 Some of the Benefits: 

1. Psychic clarity
2. Psychological clarity
3. Deep connection
4. Your truth
5. Respect
6. Techniques can be taught so you walk away seeing auras, for example.
7. You ask your question. Give voice to your soul.
8. You do it from home
9. Easy and affordable
What it requires: Show up via phone, Be open to breakthroughs for yourself and others. It’s a time to bring in and accept more light and fun.

Perfect Holiday Gift.  

January 28, 2018
11 a.m. Pacific time/2 p.m. Eastern
Via Phone
Enrollment will be limited. My groups are known for psychic inspiration, as well as qualities of intimacy, and transformation.
Prices: I want it to be affordable for all of us. Speak with me if you want to attend but need to break your tuition into payments.
$45, if paid by December 7th
All payments made by made by cash, check or credit card if you prefer that to PayPal
$55, if paid December 8th-25th (Perfect Christmas Gift!)
And the procrastinator’s rate of $65, thereafter
Now, if you’d like, tell me what you want. Start writing things down. We’ll crack open new possibilities as we generate your miraculous life.
You’ll be sent call-in number and other information after you’ve registered. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.