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Lorrie Kazan

Photograph by Starla Fortunato

Photograph by Starla Fortunato

I have two main areas of training and interest:  psychic and literary.  I always thought I’d earn my living via the literary and only discussed psychic issues with others in the field.  My intuitive talents were never anything I thought should be flaunted, and did enormously contribute to my writing, though it certainly didn’t make me your standard writer, should such a thing exist

I’ve trained with both master psychics and studied with the Association For Research And Enlightenment and an institute called Clear Sight.  Currently I am one of the Edgar Cayce Foundation’s hand-picked psychics who was chosen from a world-wide competition.

I have a Master’s Degree in Writing and a Bachelor’s Degree (cum laude) in English/Creative Writing.  While completing my Master’s degree I suffered an injury to both wrists, which further strengthened my journey inward and my interest in all forms of healing.  Being a Capricorn, I am and was particularly interested in finding out what actually works for people.  Certainly the first cynical guinea pig in any search or experimentation has been me.

Throughout my life I’ve been compared to the canary they send into the mines to see if it’s safe for the miners.  If the canary can live, then so can the miners.  Having dealt with that much sensitivity in my life, I’ve had to learn a great deal about myself and about others in order to feel well and safe and to have some sense of my place in the world.

One thing I learned through the ordeal with my wrists was to surrender on an even deeper level and seek help from a higher power.  This was not new to me but it was very easy at that point to simply ask God (or you could call it the Universe) to use me. In this instance, it seemed that doors were opening for me to work as a psychic and contribute to others through my intuitive gifts.

People ask me when I first learned I was “psychic.”  When did you first learn you weren’t, would be the question I would ask. In fact, I always saw intuition as my strongest mode of functioning, but didn’t know until I was part of a paranormal study where I was told that Edgar Cayce (the most documented psychic in history) said that the intuitive was the psychic and was especially valuable because it provided guidance and direction.

That study was called “Battered Boundaries” and I was to be studied. Instead it turned out that I was doing readings on the person who was first chosen to study me. People chosen for Battered Boundaries were those considered to be highly sensitive to information they’d have no normal access to. The question of the study was “why?”

I’m not sure that we ever really found out why but I believe everyone in the study went on to either do volunteer psychic work (such as on the project locating lost children) or work professionally as a psychic, or both.

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