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To whom it may concern:

In my professional capacity, I have interviewed and “tested” well over a hundred psychics. These were people working professionally as intuitive consultants and referred to me by others who had experienced their talents and recommended them to me for testing. Of those that I have tested, a few stand out in my mind as truly exceptional. Lorrie Kazan is one case. I found that the insights she had into my personality were detailed, helpful and enlightening. I felt empathized with beyond even my own level of self-awareness, such that she opened up light into my darker regions. I test psychics within the domain of my special interests, psychology, relationships, personal growth. Another professional with whom I work also tests the same psychics and asks very different types of questions, dealing with legal matters, business concerns and other more concrete, objective types of issues. Lorrie passed that test as well and is considered as a legitimate psychic worthy of our higher at the Edgar Cayce Institute of Intuitive Studies.

 Henry Reed, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, ECIIS

Hi Lorrie,

I met you last Saturday at the film shoot; you read my tarot cards [for the documentary]. I wanted to tell you that I think you are extremely talented and I was blown away by your reading. Thank you very much and please stay in touch.

Best,  Robert

Hi Lorrie! I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my (hurting) heart for your counsel today. You delivered very sensitive information in such a professional yet caring manner. I found that I actually learned something of value from you today, and that has not happened in a long while. I am deeply appreciative of and respect your tremendous skills and compassionate delivery.

I look forward to speaking with you again.

Take care,

L (prefers name withheld)


After just one session with Lorrie I gained the clarity I had been looking for more than a year. She immediately zoned in on an underlying problem that I had hesitated to bring up, helping me identify what was causing me emotional stress – all in a short hour!

– Alexandria K. Brown
Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Dear Lorrie,

Tuesday night you told me my principal might not know HOW to correct my payroll problem. Wednesday, as I was leaving work, she called me into the office, and indicated that I should be very quiet so no one would hear us …… in her office was her husband — a retired businessman, who was trying to fix the data entry problem so I can get “staffed” as a fulltime teacher! Paperwork today and a trip to the Board of Ed, but I’m much much much closer to being paid the right salary. Hallelujah!

Thank you, thank you, thank you — for excellent information, and for loving energy and support.



Feeling your power is an amazing experience and it helps me feel protected, secure and powerful.
your guidance and help have transformed my life at the deepest level. I was fearful and insecure when i came to see you. Your insights and help have given me amazing confidence. i am now living the life of my dreams and moving onto more. Thank you.
of course you can use this testimonial and feel free to use my name.

s cardona, dds

Dear Lorrie,

The tape of my reading came today and I listened to it and I just wanted to thank you. There’s really nothing more to say except know that this gratitude comes from a very deep place.

All best wishes and many, many thanks —


l do love my psychic.com!


Hi Lorrie —

Thank you for sending out yet another gem!

I’m writing to say Thank You & how much I appreciate the support I felt coming my way via your Prosperity Meditations. I just want you to know your work makes a difference in ways & in lives you do not know of! One of my dearest friends also has been subscribing since I forwarded her your meditation. Must conclude for now —

Again, many thanks & boundless blessings!


Dear Henry,

I just read Lorrie Kazan’s summary and commentary on ENLIGHTENMENT BLUES. Thank you for such a thoughtful and interesting treatment. Reviewers like Lorrie and publications like Intuitive Connections provide a great service to readers, authors and editor/publishers when they take the time to go into the underlying issues of sensitive books with such depth, balance and intuition. The tie-in with the Kaballah Centre was courageous and I found your review overall to be smart, necessary publishing that is admirable.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Cohen

I LOVE getting your emails.



Extra great ezine, Lorrie! Nice work.


Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Hi Lorrie:

I just wanted to tell you how awesome your teleconference was!!!! I believe I benefited more from the call than I ever have with any hypnotherapy session I’ve participated in. I was able to go very deep and the visualization I had was unlike any I’ve ever had before. It almost felt like an out of body experience (which I’ve had before), but a lot more gentle on the return back to present. Usually, it takes me a moment or two to completely get grounded and feel relaxed, but last night, it was instant as I lay down on my bed and joined the call…I could actually feel my body glowing.

I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to facilitate that session for us all. I really appreciate your abilities and your gifts, and since I also do energy work with clients (I was certified in massage and attuned as a Reiki Master in July) the healing that I receive from things like this allows me to be more open and clear to facilitate healing for my clients.

It was an honor to be able to be present to reap the benefits of your Divine gifts! I feel amazingly wonderful!!!! (My sister told me she felt a wave of very peaceful energy yesterday, and it just so happened to be around the time we were doing our meditation last night) Thank you again SO much!

I am looking forward to participating in more in the near future! Namaste!

Blessings, love and light…

Heather C

Dear Lorrie,

It came into my consciousness that I needed to let you know how much I appreciate your talent and your awareness of much of the world that I have been in touch with only off-and-on.

Your support of me in my new entry into the world of business is a wonder and a comfort. I have not said these words to you and they need to be said and it is not enough to keep my appreciation inside of me.

Elaine Wilson
GardensByDesign with GardensToGo
GBD’s Green E-zine


I cannot thank you enough for these prosperity meditations. They are SO uplifting and encouraging as I grow my business. Every time I think I have just the “right” one, you come out with another that’s even better!

Sincerely,  Paula Quick
Quick Works Wellness, LLC



Thank you so very much for your Prosperity Meditations.

I meditate about every 3 days, and, in my meditation I create the clearing to read the meditations you send.
Each time I read the meditation, my spirit soars, and my mind relaxes to the Higher Good. It is a wonderful feeling.
The meditations are perfect, and keep me focused on my spiritual, mental and personal growth.
You are a gift to us.


you have an incredible way of seeing like a beam to the truth~


Lorrie, God bless you. Your timing couldn’t be more spot on….my God. Just today, I was praying for support. Thank you . Boy, you psychics are sure perceptive!…You are a blessing.



Things are going soooo well…it’s amazing how certain things start happening to me after I do a reading with you…not 5 minutes after I got off the phone with you, my boyfriend called me from the airport in Dallas and said, “Hey I just called to tell you I was thinking about you.” He NEVER says stuff like that to me.

Thank you very much for your insight and help…you have no idea what your wisdom has done and is doing for me! I am totally grateful to you and Spirit for allowing our paths to cross! HS

What I have gotton from lorrie’s readings is very real and straight to the point…… It has put a lot of my conerns/questions into perspective………She has brought to my attention things that i was not aware of and has been right on the money with them… She is very gifted, along with her dedication, she is a very honorable woman ….. She has brought much peace & clarity into my life……


Redondo Beach, CA

Hi Lorrie,

I’m really enjoying your email newsletters – they are always so well written and informative and they offer TOOLS, something you don’t see a lot of!

I’m very happy I happened upon your website.

Annette Chaffee


“Your reading for me was so good and I really liked the way I was mirrored. Even on our brief phone conversation you touched me with a few words and I found myself repeating them so many times during moments of stress. It’s funny because I knew the ideas myself and you were (but) confirming them, yet coming from you, or outside myself, they were so much more powerful. Anyway, from where I sit, you are pretty dear and good.”


Lorrie has help me out in so many ways, she is a confidant, she will tell you the truth, not just something you want to hear. I started seeing Lorrie when I was having problems with my boyfriend. He had asked me to marry him, and I loved him every much, but there was just something telling me I needed to make sure before we set a date. Lorrie told me not to do it and why…let me tell you she was soooooo right!

Renee W

l usually call on Lorrie when l am confused about some area of my life. She ALWAYS gives me at least one little piece of information, one little pearl that just pops the situation into a focus that l can see. l once called her long distance from my dad’s home when my step-mother had died. My sister and l were not working well together. One little comment from Lorrie explained a lifetime of confusion! Our relationship has been better ever since. What a gift!

Susie Bottomley

Lorrie, thanks so much for checking out my friend’s web site and offering your feedback. Remember how you noticed that in her photo on her personal page she did not look healthy? I was surprised because she had used a professional portrait that she was quite pleased with. Well, my friend told me this morning that the picture was taken just days before she was diagnosed with Graves Disease. You are making a true believer out of me!!!

CB, Los Angeles

What I have gotten from Lorrie’s readings is very real and straight to the point…… It has put a lot of my concerns/questions into perspective………She has brought to my attention things that I was not aware of and has been right on the money withthem… She is very gifted, along with her dedication, she is a very honorable woman …..
She has brought much peace & clarity into my life……

KMS, Redondo Beach, CA

I spent several years in therapy following my divorce and another subsequent bad relationship. Soon after taking a “break” from therapy, I began attending a Tarot class, which met weekly in Lorrie’s home. Through my ongoing work with Lorrie, I am finally discovering the peace and happiness within myself that I was searching for external sources. Therapy had its place in my life, however, I made more growth through my work with Lorrie in 6-9 months than I did in 3 years of therapy.


Thank you for your time and your talent today. I wish that I could have kept talking to you for many hrs. You have a beautiful energy, I didn’t even know that you were affiliated with the Edgar Cayce Foundation.

You are talented, intelligent and non-judgmental, and have a very balanced energy about you. I would recommend you many times over!

Blessings, Monica

Hi Lorrie:
I just read your latest prosperity meditation and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading that and how much peace it brings to my heart, mind and soul.
As do my sessions with you!!

Namaste, Corinne Cobabe
Cobabe Studios Photography