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Taking First Steps: Are You Ready to Up the Ante?


Taking First Steps: Are You Ready to Up the Ante?

Are you taking any first steps right now? This weekend I attended the AWP (Associated Writing Programs) yearly event. This was not only my first time there, but first time back into the bigger world since my fall.

Held in a different state every year, the 2016 conference landed at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Non-stop choices of panels, readings, famous writers, lesser writers, all kinds of writers, an overwhelmingly robust book fair; tables upon tables of academics promoting colleges and their literary magazines, selling books, t-shirts, handing out swag–my favorite of which was the light-uppen offered by an online university called Regis. Grumpiest was Harvard and The Harvard Review.

I got to spend time with old friends, which was a highlight, eat at TheWater Grill, and walk safely around the new downtown at night, something no native Angelina ever expected to do, albeit not completely painless for me recovering from an injury.

I lost things: my cell phone, the retrieval of which was a magical journey, complete with affirmations (that which belongs to me readily comes back to me) strong vibrations, good Samaritans, and the phone’s uncanny return.

Last night, some friends and I took our first cab, and in a rush to get away from the cab’s odious stench, I left my cane behind; the jury is out on getting it back. The phone I could feel. But we’ll see about the cane. It too has been an adventure, one which included a handshake I only later realized was for me to transfer money into. The affirmation I’m saying for the cane: The cane returns at the exact right time.

Decades ago, at a rough spot in my life, I called a recommended but expensive psychic. When she fumbled answering her phone, was confused about how to shut off her machine, (accouterments of regular life), I thought, she’s the real deal. Another right-brained person.

When it comes to myself, I’d rather not be goofy, or disorganized. I like being the real deal. Some times the real deal comes with a quirk or two. It’s all acceptance…at least if we want peace of mind.

How about you? Where do you stand on the transformation meter? What would up the ante for you? Or are you just fine where you are?

[UPDATE] The cane has returned! Sonia from the Bonaventure called to say that the cane is now in her office. She complimented its cool silver and black design. Thank you to the Checker Cab driver for dropping it off. And to the world of positive affirmations for playing its invisible part.