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Lorrie Kazan,




I Wrote A Book! Interviewed by Lena Anani for podcast: She Wrote A Book!

A prosperity boost to transform your day.


Interviewed by the Authentic Woman’s Shannon Fisher for Authors On the Air

A simple way to meditate, Pinpointing Channeling, Psychic Development, how my book opens your psychic path, and Edgar Cayce’s Guidance.

Tapping Into Your Psychic Mind:
Quick Tools to Connect with Your Psychic Soul

Lorrie Kazan teaches us how to strengthen our psychic ability like muscles and learn to read ourselves and others in a new and clear way.

What is Your Life Destiny Number?

The Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, said that at its base, everything is number, including you.  Each number has its own cosmic vibration. Find out how to find and use your cosmic number.

Beyond Worlds Tarot

Live broadcast from New Jersey, posted on BlogTalkRadio.com/beyondworlds – Tarot Tribe Beyond Worlds


Going the Distance

goingthedistanceFor their documentary, British Newlyweds, Mike and Alanna, traveled from Alaska to Patagonia, via motorcycle and sidecar, and chose me as one of the experts to consult about whether their marriage would last.

“Mike came to the whole thing with a healthy dose of skepticism. But damn she was good, ” Alanna Clear.

Meet Top 100 Who’s Who Lorrie Kazan