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 How to book a reading: 


Either email me at lorrie@lorriekazan.com or leave a message at 310/376-5742. I will respond to you as quickly as I can, usually within the same day, and we can set up a time to do a phone reading. Yes, a reader can be as accurate by telephone as she is in person, especially if the reader is clairaudient.

Payment can be made online or I can charge your MasterCard or Visa.

Readings can be anywhere from 15 minutes, to 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour. People sometimes want more time but generally 30 minutes-1 hour is sufficient, especially for first-time callers. Fifteen minutes is generally more applicable once someone has read with me before, but I’m always willing to give the maximum amount of information I can fit into a time frame.

We set up a convenient time and day and give you a phone number, which you call for your reading.

Best use of your time:

Clarify your questions beforehand. A reader can’t give you more than you can accept. I’m great at piercing to the heart of something and asking pertinent questions. The more pre-processing you do, the more likely we are to start at the heart of the matter.

Imagine a closet stuffed with things. If you weed out the clothes you don’t want, don’t wear, don’t care about, it’s much easier to access what’s essential.


Many people waste time testing the reader to see if she or he can read their mind, tell them the contents of their hall closet or what someone on the other side is thinking about their dog. I’d suggest that you assume I know what I’m doing and use your time in a way that makes a difference for you.


The right question is half the answer. I may ask you questions. Some of that is about hearing the sound of your voice and it also allows me to obtain answers in my own mind, that may well differ or be on another level than what you are saying.


I read from sound, some you can hear and some you can’t. I’m likely to have you say your birth name three times with your eyes open. I’m connecting with energy. If you’re asking about a relationship, I may have you say both your birth name and the other person’s name while I listen to the vibration of how they fit together. Sometimes the vibration comes through before the person is ever able to utter a name.


I don’t remember your personal information after the reading is over. This is one guarantee you have of confidentiality.


All readings are considered sacred. I do not repeat your private information to others. I am not a psychic who will list famous names of people for others since I consider your relationship with me to be a private one that only you are at liberty to discuss.