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4 Great Reasons to Take My Classes

I just took a Past Life Regression teleclass from someone who was recommended by Wayne Dyer (when he was alive) and that sort of famous new age coterie. I took it because I offer group past life, future life, and interlife regressions and progressions via teleclass and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything I could or should be adding to my classes/meditations.

Now, it’s going to sound like I’m patting myself on the back and maybe I am. Perhaps her way is better for some people and I teach in the way I like to learn. I’m highly focused on the process, aware of who is on the call and their needs individually and collectively, to the extent I can, and I always want to give full value. Maybe it’s the Capricorn in me or that old-fashioned work ethic. I want you to have value for your time and money. I want to exceed it if I can. Obviously, I can only do my part of the equation and trust the participants, and their angels and guides, to do theirs.

My classes are kept small and each person is encouraged to interact and connect from a place of depth (whatever that is for them). It’s all about you. Not just about some teaching.

Which also means that people often press for my “psychic” hits on their issues and experiences, and it’s hard for me to say no.

I wasn’t raised with a sense of self-esteem so I don’t act like I’m in a higher position than anyone else. I just bring through what I’ve been given, and because of my own relentless search for wellbeing, I bring and then try to make usable the best ideas I’ve found.

I don’t upsell. I wondered how she could do this class for even less than I charge, and I keep my costs down. And then I realized she was selling other products. This was past life regression but that was a relatively short part of what became the overall class.

The class was ultimately about how she uses the Seth material (remember Jane Roberts & Seth?) and what you could buy from her to continue building that in your life.

I wish I knew how many people were on the call. Or how I want to write about it.

It was confirmation for me about how I work. I’m all in wherever I am, and if I’m with you and you think I’m not, then tell me. That’s my commitment.

Recently, I’ve also been writing about Caroline Myss’s theory that intuition requires self-esteem. For me, self-esteem has been a life’s work. When I became a professional psychic, something I previously did privately, I started to be treated with a respect I’d not had before. It was different from being fake-liked for knowing or having access to famous people. Now I was sought out and my words were treated with value. The same sort of words that for a good deal of my life, I was cautioned to shut up about.