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Meditation Downloads (MP3 files)


These meditations were created to give the listener a deep sense of relaxation, generate creativity, and expand one’s sense of inner connection and knowledge of purpose in life.

Creating Your Future” If you’re not consciously creating your joyous future, who is?

Guided relaxation and timeline meditation where you will magnetize the people, places and energies that best support your dreams. A gentle, and easy process, working through the ethers. This is an ideal program to listen to anytime. $9.95

“The Pirate” is a unique process that takes the listener into an altered state and through a journey, which addresses the issue of the inner critic and lays a foundation for healing.  It’s a great tape to use to wake yourself up in the morning, and on those days when you don’t feel like being creative but need to be. $6.95

The Tower” takes you to a magical place where you will meet your guides and look at the records of your past lives.  It leads you deeply into a relaxed and receptive state, and then takes you through a process that expands self-knowledge, serenity and creativity.  This is a great one to use before bed. $9.95

Background Music:  Selections from “Astral Massage” by Upper Astral 1998 Valley of the Sun Publishing, Box 8, Malibu, CA 90265

 These meditations do promote an altered state so are not to be used while driving or operating dangerous machinery.