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Creating From Nothing

Creating from nothing…blank space…There’s never nothing. There’s always something…a kind of protoplasmic substance in which we live. We mutually respond to each other. That’s why affirmations work when you work them. You’re filling the field with bright substance, like putting a goblet out for water instead of letting it slip through desperate hands.   If Read More

The Dark Has A Light of Its Own – 6 Steps to Find It

1. Admit When You’re In It You don’t have to announce it to everyone else, but admit to yourself. “I’m lost” doesn’t sound like much of an affirmation? Affirmations are a powerful part of the process. But they don’t supplant authenticity; they ultimately compliment and support it. (More on that soon.) 2. The Old Way Read More

The Dark Has Its Own Light

The dark has its own light, and we learn to find it, to see our path even in the midst of fog. Don’t reject where you are. Pray to accept, not like you’re going to live there forever, but for these seconds of time. Nothing stays the same. Though what you resist, persists as both Read More

Lost Is the New Found

Wracking my mind trying to figure out how to condense alchemical, psychological and psychic ideas into a simple blog post to explain why. Why is Loss or Lost the new found? You were meant to be lost so you could seek something deeper, so you could experience your life in a profound way. We’re part Read More

Did We Forget to Mention Money?

Why talk about wisdom and bravery in my 1-minute meditation instead of money? Because life is holographic and what you create in one area is reflected in the others. Most of us want all the good fortune we associate with prosperity. We want love, abundance, friends, health. Who we are inside matters. And it shapes Read More

7 Tips For Preparing For Your Psychic Reading

Breathe – energize your body with breath, inspiration.  It opens the channels. Imagine and list questions you have about your life. Right now, write down three things you’d like to know. Writing seeds the mind, awakening and exercising the conscious and unconscious. Stay open.  The pump has been primed and synchronicities are likely to occur Read More

My Book, My Book, My Book

Working on my One-Minute Meditation book, creating something a little quirkier and more poetic than what I send out every week. This one continues to comfort me: From One-Minute Meditator: Because Instant Gratification Just Isn’t Fast Enough When the world is on stilts or the big trapeze, you might feel so worried you drop to Read More

Three Steps to Conquering Upsets

Can you be upset-free no matter what the circumstances? That was my homework for two weeks during the Breakthrough Seminar I took at Landmark Education. And there were circumstances…but since we seminarians committed to being conscious witnesses of our lives, we had to unravel the upsets rather than be stopped by them. Probable cause of Read More

The Universe Speaks In Slippers: I Figured Out the Code

Psychics are supposed to find things, lost keys, envelopes with missing money…butsome of us are in a different situation. We lose things…that is, things disappear.  They’re absolutely present one minute and  disappeared the next. Sometimes before our eyes. It’s my mother watching over me…deceased Dad and nephew still turning on the TV. Electrical appliances go Read More

Transcript for my article: Talking to the Dead

(This is the full transcript of the reading. go to the article for shorter version) 4/4/12 Psychic Reading During a reading, my client’s deceased father  began speaking to me: “Don’t make it darker for yourself,” he told her.  “To Spare yourself despair you create  despair in the beginning.  Because you think negative things, you make Read More

What Petraeus Teaches Us About Consciousness

If you don’t do the inner work, you will meet your turmoils as fate.  Just ask C.I.A. Director David Petraeus or any of the others involved in the current scandal.  You too can live at the emotional level of a high school sophomore, despite having attained worldly success. Their accomplishments were impressive on paper.  But Read More

What I Learned at the International Dream Conference

Friday evening opening ceremony was light and humorous.  Rita Dwyer, tiny behind the podium, joked about her hair and many others’ now being grey.  She was glad that younger people were joining the association and carrying the work forward.  Younger people could also mean anyone under 60. This is the largest, most prestigious dream association Read More

Stories That Tell Us

“Stories Told, Stories Untold, Stories that tell Us” – An Evening with James Hollis  Jung Institute 5/18/12 We track the movement of the invisible through forms in the visible world. Dream images, for example. Story is a verb, not a noun, and is storying through us. We each need to find our story.  One person Read More

Five Dead Mentors

In Julia Cameron’s book: Finding Water: The Art of Persistence, she suggests you take a sheet of paper, number from one to five, and list five dead people you want to consult as mentors. These are people who excelled in the particular art you’re pursuing. Without thinking, I chose whoever came to mind: 1.  Jane Read More

A Night Out – Poetry from The New Yorker

From The New Yorker (May 31, 2010) I told the waiter there was schmutz on my machete.  He informed me I wasn’t sitting in the Yiddish section. Being bilingual, I told the waiter there was gunk on my machete.  Oh, he apologized then and brought me straight away a new machete, with which I sliced Read More