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Wheelchair Chronicles:

The professional side of my world is filled with readings, writing articles, signing books, and now preparing to be interviewed again for JJ Flizanes’ radio show.

(Here’s a link for the last show we did: Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities. It was edited because we went over. Tried to get a lot into a short amount of time.)

But…Note the happy elephant above: I also took a shower this week! No big deal for most of you, but for this shattered leg journey, it’s quite the feat. I may not have looked as thrilled as the elephant, but I was grateful.

I can now put up to 20 lbs weight on my injured leg. I wasn’t sure how much that was so I put my foot on the scale and pressed to 20. It’s quite a distance from where I was September 22nd when I fell.

Especially during this holiday time, hard for so many, let’s not forget the gift of healing. You can do it with your time, your love, patience.

And of course, and not to be crass: Phone or In-Person Reading Gift Certificates (available in 15, 30, 45 and 1 hour increments.) There’s also that great stocking stuffer, all around uplifter: Happiness Calls Your Name: Channeled One-Minute Meditations to Rewire Your Brain

Sacred Gifts: Discovering Your Soul’s Talent