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Past Life Regression: FAQ


What’s past life regression? Is that different from a past life reading?

Yes, the difference is that in Past Life Regression you are guided into a light hypnosis (or deep relaxation) and led through this life into ones that have relevance to your current issue or question and you see the life for yourself. I serve as guide but you actually see your own experience. We’ll look at many things in that life and see how it can inform or even free up this one. Generally we will also do a forgiveness process, so that past concerns will no longer be draining or unconsciously controlling your energy today.

Past Life Reading is one in which I look at your past lives and talk about what I see. In the regression, I follow you into the life or lives your unconscious wants you to see.

What if I don’t like what I’m seeing in the regression?

We have ways to pull back so that you can observe that life without feeling the suffering. You are also in control and can come out of the meditative state at will.

How long does it take for me to see a past life when I’m in the regression?

Some people are very quick to go into an altered state and access material. Others take longer. I recommend that people work with meditation tapes or some form of meditation, if possible, in order to give you fluency with the altered state so that it will be easier to enter.

In an ideal world we would take sessions to get to know each other and discover your issues so that you are in a maximum state of trust when we begin the regression. Since most of us have concerns about time and money, we usually don’t take these sessions but I do spend some time with you clarifying your intention (what you want to get out of the process) and how you will know if you’ve received it.

What’s the benefit of doing a regression with you as opposed to a psychotherapist?

The benefit of working with a compassionate and talented psychic is that they can see things you can’t and use intuitive guidance, and can go with you into what you do see. I’m psychically and psychologically oriented and I’m a Capricorn, which makes me pragmatic about helping you achieve results. I do consult with psychotherapists about clients when needed and will also refer clients to a therapist if necessary. Again, in our ideal world (of Past Life Regression) you might want a gifted psychic who was also an incredible therapist.

I recommend people feel comfortable and confident about the person they choose.