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Prosperity Meditation Back Issues – each offering a meditation, plus a thoughtful quotation
Psychic Thought Back Issues – a Psychic Newsletter offering a psychic thought, plus link(s) to more information
Here is what people are saying about Lorrie’s meditations:

“I am receiving your thoughts every week, I love them. I have found myself checking the e-mails, and when I open yours… it always lift up my spirit. Lately, when I have been overwhelmed, I open the e-mails , and there they are!!! I love them, they bring me up!!!!! THANK YOU.”

Hugs and kisses,
Ana Maria
“Love the weekly meditations. I especially liked the one that included a “homework” assignment and continue to practice it. Something about no complaining about stuff that everyone already agrees with.

“It seems to be working.”


P.S. After your seminar things are going really well for me. Something beyond my control (I applied for a rebate after the deadline, and still got the rebate) and a lot of things within my control.

Sales of my West Hollywood Book Fair program are going really well. Today I received my first assignment as a freelance travel writer. Free travel, hotel, and food in Houston, Texas, and a paid assignment to boot. That wasn’t on my fantasy list, we dealt with, but surely the travel was, so how exciting. Hate to jinx it, but everything I touch this week seems to be turning to gold.



“Your messages are so wonderful. I save absolutely every one of them! I can’t tell you how you have blessed me. I was in the path of Hurricane Charley last Friday evening. The eye came right over me here in FL. I recently moved here in June to go to work. My work has not resumed due t the storm and is estimated to be down for another week. I credit your beautiful and powerful affirmations with helping me shift my energy of thought to receive this job opportunity. I know I am in the right place, at the right time, and everything is right on schedule. The hurricane has been an inconvenience but I remain blessed to the max and further proof that “God is Good, all the time”. I just wanted to thank you for the gift you give to others and for being an instrument of hope and inspiration to people you may never meet or even know their names.”

you are blessed and held in high esteem,


“Lorrie, Thanks for the psychic thought. I certainly hope you will continue weekly- it makes my day to receive them and they guide me to follow my dreams.”


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